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Battlefield 4 Server Rules | 5307th Rangers New Home
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Server Rules

Battlefield 4 Server Rules



We are a Tactical Clan and we do try to have our rules as such.  We have a lot of people ask us, “What makes your server a Tactical Realism clan?”

The answer is, “You do.”

Based off the way that EA and DICE have locked down the rules of a server with regards to how the server is displayed on their Battlelog page (i.e. any deviation from their version of Hardcore will make your server show as Custom), a lot of the way that servers and players play are now kind of a carbon copy of one another.  What we are trying to do is make it so that our server is a little more tactical, realistic and however strategic that we are allowed to make it.  So, what we have done is create some simply rules that we have tested over the first few initial months of the game that we think will allow for a good mix of tactics, realism and simple fun.  But these rules only enhance the way that the game and our server is to be played.  It’s up to you to actually embrace these rules and incorporate them into your gaming habits.  We think that once you do these simple yet effective rules, you will see what makes our server a Tactical Realism server.


=== VOIP is enabled.  When possible, please use it. ===

  • We think that the re addition of the in game Voice Over IP (VOIP) communications is one of the best things that EA/DICE has done to this game.  This allows any and all squad mates to communicate with each other without the time or hassle required to load and configure Teamspeak, Ventrilo or some other sort of communications application.  We have our own clan Ventrilo site that all of our members are on during gaming sessions, but we like to have the ability to have a secondary communication method in order to talk to public members that are in our respective squads.
  • Along with our Clan’s dedication to using VOIP, we feel that to have a truly tactical and realistic experience while in game, we are recommending for all Squad leaders to use VOIP to communicate and command their squad.  Though this isn’t a requirement, having this ability will only improve your communication and functionality of your squad within game.

=== If you are a Squad Leader, play as such (give orders to your squad mates, think tactically, don’t sit in AA’s or fly jets constantly, etc.) ===

As a Squad Leader, you take on the role of the commander for your specific squad.  Please try and play as such.  Try to give orders, give attack/defend directions, ensure cohesive squad game play while in this role.  Remember to use the benefits that come with being a squad leader.  User yourself as a spawn point.  Don’t sit in an MAA deep inside friendly territory or flying a Jet or sniping from extreme distances while your squad has no way of spawn on you or if they do, they are so far out of the action that they are no help to the cause.  Maybe consider being a Medic or Support specialist so that you can heal or resupply your squad after an attack/defend encounter.

=== Please do not fire OUT of or INTO spawn areas ===

We want to allow the ability for a team to be able to prep and deploy in their own spawn.  This allows for a consistency within game play on every map.

=== Squad up!!  No Lone Wolf locked squads ===

  • This is a team game.   Please play as such.  Do not come in as a sniper, never join a squad or go into your own squad and then lock it so you can then sit on the edge of the map all game and snipe people.  Get into the fight!!

=== We encourage public policing.  If you are experiencing something outside of the above rules don’t hesitate to speak up. ===

  • We highly encourage the policing of the server by the public.  This does NOT mean that we want you to take matters into your own hands.  But if you see something that isn’t part of our server rules, or someone is clearly being an asshat, don’t be shy and speak up in game.  Though we may not have an Admin on 24/7, if we do have one on, we will certainly review the issue that you have discovered.

=== And absolutely no racism, flame wars, etc. ===

  • This goes without saying.  Be mature, be respectful.  Be an adult.

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