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ARMA 3 Server Info | 5307th Rangers New Home
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ARMA 3 Server Info

ARMA 3 Server Info

What is ARMA 3?  ARMA 3 (stylized as ARMA III) is an open world, tactical shooter video game being developed by Bohemia Interactive. It is expected to be released in Q3 2013.   ARMA 3′s storyline takes place in the mid-2030s during the fictionalOperation Magnitude, a military operation launched by NATO forces fighting in Europe against “Eastern armies” led by a resurgent Iran.

I know that some of us have been introduced into the ARMA series by way of DayZ.  Some loved it, some hated it.  But ARMA 3 is nothing, and I mean nothing, like DayZ.  It’s a completely open world sandbox game where the developers have really tried to ensure that this game is made for PC gamers by PC gamers.  They have developed open Editor specifics into the entire game.  What does that mean?  That means that any person can create any type of mission that they want to and post it for all to play.  Want to have  a nighttime surgical strike to destroy a radar station before the morning air raid?  No problem.  Want to have a fully mechanized army battle another mechanized army in the middle of a populated city?  Go for it.  Rescue mission?  Chump change.  Escort mission?  Done and easier done. Think more diverse.  Want to send in an assassination squad to kill the enemies general’s favorite chicken?  Now, we are talking.

Anything that you can think of can be done within ARMA which means that there is no need to get map or mission burn out like other games (looking at you COD and BF series).  And since there will be litterally hundreds of community made mods, missions, scripts, etc, that means that there will likely be no need to ever have to purchase expansion packs.  There won’t be a need to, say, buy an expansion pack because you want to play on a bigger map with tanks.  It’s already in there.  Now, let’s face it:  there WILL inevitably be expansion packs because the developers need to make money.  But I don’t think that it will be a requirement to purchase them in order to be able to continue playing ARMA 3..

I’ve been really striving to see if this game will be a viable option for our clan going forward over the Battlefield series.  Or at the very least, an incorporation of our play list.  More than likely, this game will be release right around the time that Battlefield 4 is going to be released.  So, I want to make sure that our group has a clear, defined direction on what our “main” game is going to be.

I really hope that it’s ARMA 3.  To get a better idea of what the game can provide, you can watch this video below by one of the biggest public ARMA community partners out there:  Shak Tactical.



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